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take a look…

at this gorgeous Paper Singer Sewing Machine from Anthropologie. Handmade, one-of-a-kind goodness.

Price tag? $1,498.00… Ouch.


dinner’s ready

I whipped up a couple of pot holders for my mom last week. She had bought some dish towels made with Heather Ross fabric at a craft show. They kept coming out of the dryer super wrinkled, so I cut ’em up.

I wasn’t previously a huge fan of Heather Ross but I loved working with this fabric. So cute and such a great weight.

And every kitchen deserves a pair of cute potholders.


wrap it up

As I’ve been weeding through my scrap bins, I’ve found a lot of long pieces of fabric that aren’t quite big enough to sew with but big enough that I don’t want to throw them away.

Inspired by this pretty fabric bow, I took a handful of the scraps and sewed them end to end to make a long piece of fabric ribbon for gift wrapping.

I love the raw edges, all the color, and you can use it again and again!

handmade holiday part II

My mom loves a mug rug. She requested one dozen mug rugs (did I mention she’s crazy for mug rugs?) for Christmas.

I love when someone requests a specific present during the holidays.

Then I can avoid aimlessly wandering the aisles at my local Target on Christmas Eve lugging around an empty shopping basket because I can’t find the perfect gift for whoever. Totally hate that.

Enjoy the mug rugs mom!

fall project links

A few autumn-y projects I’m checking out online:

I love these pinecone frames from Martha Stewart. They carry a great rustic feel.

(Martha Stewart)

Oranges and cloves onto my grocery list? Check and check.
The perfect autumn fragrance.


I think these fabric pumpkins would be adorable as a table centerpiece.

(Danielle Thompson)

There are so many gorgeous leaves around my neighborhood.
I’m gonna scoop some up on my walk tomorrow and attempt an autumn leaf bouquet.

(Design Sponge)

I’m aiming for a totally handmade holiday. Can’t wait to get started. And, as always, Pinterest is my favorite source for inspiration.