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built from scratch

I’ve switched out my sewing machine for some hammers and screwdrivers this week. I wanted to build myself a much-needed coat rack. I originally fell in love with this coat rack from Anthropologie, but the price seemed a little steep for something that looked like I could make it myself.


I did end up getting the hooks from Anthro–because they just have the cutest hardware–with some leftover money I had on a giftcard, and I got some wood cut at the hardware store. I stained the wood (stinky) and voila…


I love seeing it when I come into my apartment. It makes the entry way so much prettier. And it’s quite a space saver, too. All the stuff on those hooks used to be tossed in a messy pile in the corner. I styled it after this photo, which I pinned forever ago and have been totally obsessed with. I just wish I had some more apple crates.

I may have screwed it in a little lopsided though. But when you hang stuff on it, you can’t really tell. So it’ll just be our secret. :)


fall project links

A few autumn-y projects I’m checking out online:

I love these pinecone frames from Martha Stewart. They carry a great rustic feel.

(Martha Stewart)

Oranges and cloves onto my grocery list? Check and check.
The perfect autumn fragrance.


I think these fabric pumpkins would be adorable as a table centerpiece.

(Danielle Thompson)

There are so many gorgeous leaves around my neighborhood.
I’m gonna scoop some up on my walk tomorrow and attempt an autumn leaf bouquet.

(Design Sponge)

I’m aiming for a totally handmade holiday. Can’t wait to get started. And, as always, Pinterest is my favorite source for inspiration.