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quilting time

I’ve been on something of a sewing hiatus lately. But those unfinished quilt tops have been driving me crazy. So, I’ve been gathering fabrics to start sewing some backings.

This is my least favorite part of the quilting process. But the good part is that I’ll be using up a lot of fabric. Which means that there will be some space on my fabric shelf. Which means there will be a fabric shopping spree in my future :)


a long lost quilting project

These are some blocks I made several years ago and completely forgot about. Not the first time I’ve discovered a project many moons after I started it. How does this keep happening to me? It’s like I have short-term quilting memory loss.

fabric: Heather Ross Mendocino

finished quilt top

My first finished quilt top of the year!

Now, I did start this quilt sometime late-ish last year. But it’s one of those projects that I started and then totally forgot about thanks to the holidays. But I went on a quilting bender last weekend and finished it up finally.


It’s the perfect size for a lap quilt. I can’t wait to finish. But first up is a little straight line quilting and some scrappy binding.

a scrappy situation

I’m a scrap saver. Even the smallest scraps can’t escape my clutches. It’s usually because I’m so in love with the fabrics I sew with that I can’t bear to let even the tiniest scrap go in the trash.

So, lately I’ve been piecing together some of the smallest scraps from my scrap bin. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. I’ve got just a small block so far. But I’m thinking of making it into a mini-quilt for my wall.

I would love to cover a whole wall in my sewing room with pretty and colorful mini-quilts. I can see it now. I will call it my wall o’ mini-quilts. :)

quilt-y inspiration

Where do you go for a little hit of quilting inspiration? I always check out the Anthropologie website to take a peek at the bedding. There are always great pattern and fabric combinations. These quilts are an Anthro/APC collaboration and are simply gorgeous (although a bit expensive):

(all images from anthropologie website: 1, 2, 3, 4)