Monthly Archives: May 2013

built from scratch

I’ve switched out my sewing machine for some hammers and screwdrivers this week. I wanted to build myself a much-needed coat rack. I originally fell in love with this coat rack from Anthropologie, but the price seemed a little steep for something that looked like I could make it myself.


I did end up getting the hooks from Anthro–because they just have the cutest hardware–with some leftover money I had on a giftcard, and I got some wood cut at the hardware store. I stained the wood (stinky) and voila…


I love seeing it when I come into my apartment. It makes the entry way so much prettier. And it’s quite a space saver, too. All the stuff on those hooks used to be tossed in a messy pile in the corner. I styled it after this photo, which I pinned forever ago and have been totally obsessed with. I just wish I had some more apple crates.

I may have screwed it in a little lopsided though. But when you hang stuff on it, you can’t really tell. So it’ll just be our secret. :)