my mini quilt of many colors

Presenting my very first mini quilt- in all its colorful, wonky, scrappy glory.

My process: grab a handful of scraps and sew. No patterns or seam rippers allowed.

I like how it’s a little scrapbook of all my favorite fabrics. I was going to throw it in the wash, but I  like how crisp it looks right now. I quilted a few zig zags but there’s a whole lot going on here, so I didn’t want to add too much to the craziness.

I loved making a mini quilt. You can sew and quilt and get a project done like that (insert finger snap here)! Oh yes, my obsession with mini quilts has officially begun.

16″ x 19″, backing and binding fabric: Alexander Henry Zebe in Black


3 thoughts on “my mini quilt of many colors

  1. Bonnie

    I was just wondering what you did when you got to a funky angle. I’m experimenting with using my scraps into a fabric of sorts to then play around with but I’m hitting some odd angles that I can’t seem to get to lay flat. I’m thinking I occasionally need a straight line to keep it from rippling. I hope this makes since. I make clothing, a lot of clothing but teach at a quilt shop and love what they do and I’d like to use some of their ideas and techniques in some clothing pieces. The two big hurdles are raw edges everywhere, I’m thinking of light weight interfacing and/or lining and the other is that I’m getting some puckering of sorts, more like waviness to some pieces, not tight and flat which on a garment will look awful. What are your recommendations?

    1. Molly Post author

      I only sewed in a straight line. It was more like putting together a puzzle. I would sew a couple of scraps together that were of similar length. And then I would turn it and attach another scrap to the end of those pieces. Then I would just keep building off that. I hope that makes sense. It was a lot of fun :) Good luck with your project!


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