Monthly Archives: February 2012

a notebook to go

I like to bring a little notebook with me wherever I go- you never know when a great idea or a little inspiration will hit you. These craft-inspired notebooks would be just perfect:

Love these notebooks from Seaborn Press.

Cross stitch letterpress notebooks from Pistachio Press

This notebook from Honeycomb Print Shop pretty much says it all.

1, 2, 3


log cabin fever

A little log cabin I sewed up the other day with some of my favorite fabrics.

I didn’t have a specific project in mind- just wanted to sew. It could end up being anything someday. Maybe it’s time to finally tackle that log cabin quilt I’ve been wanting to sew? For now it’ll just hang around looking pretty.

Carrie Strine quilts

I spotted some great quilt-y inspiration over on Carrie Strine’s blog. Carrie’s an artist based in NYC and she makes really beautiful quilts.

I haven’t seen anything like this quilt top on the internet. Love the colors, love the patterns and it’s hand-stitched. Whew!

And this quilt top is kind of the opposite – just beautiful in its simplicity. I’m so in love with triangle quilts. I’ve been seeing them around a lot lately. Definitely going to put one on my quilting to-do list.

You can check out more of Carrie’s work here.

images by Carrie Strine: 1, 2