a scrappy situation

I’m a scrap saver. Even the smallest scraps can’t escape my clutches. It’s usually because I’m so in love with the fabrics I sew with that I can’t bear to let even the tiniest scrap go in the trash.

So, lately I’ve been piecing together some of the smallest scraps from my scrap bin. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. I’ve got just a small block so far. But I’m thinking of making it into a mini-quilt for my wall.

I would love to cover a whole wall in my sewing room with pretty and colorful mini-quilts. I can see it now. I will call it my wall o’ mini-quilts. :)


3 thoughts on “a scrappy situation

  1. Karissa

    Cute, cute, cute! I like it! Mini-quilts are great because you can try out so many different things, and if it doesn’t work, eh, who cares? Can’t wait to see how this experiment progresses!

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