Monthly Archives: October 2011

happy halloween

Did anyone see the Today Show this morning? Their reenactment of the royal wedding was so hilarious! See the video here.



fall weekend

It’s supposed to be chilly here this weekend. So, I’m pulling out my wooliest socks and warmest sweaters and planning the perfect fall weekend:

A little nature walkin’…

A little pumpkin carvin’…

a little hot apple cider drinkin’…

and a whole lotta sewin’. :)

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handmade lovely

I’m 100% inspired by the clothes Karyn sews for herself. The patterns and the fabrics she uses are amazing!




They have convinced me that I’ve got to take another stab at trying to make some of my clothes- even though the last shirt I tried making (many moons ago) is still lying in a sad, little puddle in the corner of my room.

photos by Karyn from make something