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built from scratch

I’ve switched out my sewing machine for some hammers and screwdrivers this week. I wanted to build myself a much-needed coat rack. I originally fell in love with this coat rack from Anthropologie, but the price seemed a little steep for something that looked like I could make it myself.


I did end up getting the hooks from Anthro–because they just have the cutest hardware–with some leftover money I had on a giftcard, and I got some wood cut at the hardware store. I stained the wood (stinky) and voila…


I love seeing it when I come into my apartment. It makes the entry way so much prettier. And it’s quite a space saver, too. All the stuff on those hooks used to be tossed in a messy pile in the corner. I styled it after this photo, which I pinned forever ago and have been totally obsessed with. I just wish I had some more apple crates.

I may have screwed it in a little lopsided though. But when you hang stuff on it, you can’t really tell. So it’ll just be our secret. :)


I made this quilt top over a year ago and, then, promptly forgot about it- which seems to be a theme with me lately. But I’m so glad to have this finished, finally! It’s very soft and cozy.

It’s made with vintage fabric fat quarters that I got from a craft show a million years ago. The first vintage fabrics I’ve worked with. They can be kind of slippery to sew with, but it’s worth it in the end. It’s about the perfect lap quilt size.

Can’t wait to cozy up with this one as the temperature begins to drop. This is my favorite time of the year!

quilting time

I’ve been on something of a sewing hiatus lately. But those unfinished quilt tops have been driving me crazy. So, I’ve been gathering fabrics to start sewing some backings.

This is my least favorite part of the quilting process. But the good part is that I’ll be using up a lot of fabric. Which means that there will be some space on my fabric shelf. Which means there will be a fabric shopping spree in my future :)

dinner’s ready

I whipped up a couple of pot holders for my mom last week. She had bought some dish towels made with Heather Ross fabric at a craft show. They kept coming out of the dryer super wrinkled, so I cut ’em up.

I wasn’t previously a huge fan of Heather Ross but I loved working with this fabric. So cute and such a great weight.

And every kitchen deserves a pair of cute potholders.